Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trendy, but unwise

I recently viewed a video showing evolutionist Richard Dawkins insulting those who believe in God and calling them unintelligent. Dawkins admits there's a "hell of a lot" evolutionists don't understand, but yet he wants everyone to trust evolutionists when they tell us what is true and what isn't true. I've seen Dawkins in action, and, rather than presenting plausible credentials, he seems to rely on the tactic of making fun of others who disagree with him. In this clip, he was demeaning Kurt Wise, a man with integrity who, unlike Dawkins, doesn't pretend he's smarter than God.

I call admitting you don't know as much as God intelligent. Dawkins, of course, doesn't. But what are you going to do? There are always people willing to group together to impress each other with their own intellectual prowess rather than admit their understanding is limited. The kind of hypocrisy that Dawkins practices is nothing new, but it seems to attract a large following of people who want to feel superior to everyone else.

Even so, Dawkins should stop and think this one over: Just because it's trendy to deny there is a God doesn't make it wise.


  1. Common sense tells us there is a God. Scientifically speaking, the Bible is accurate, while evolution is not. The Bible says God created each living being after its own kind. That's what DNA does -- it replicates a given set of data to produce the same species. There is no known instance of DNA adding information to itself and producing another species. That's because DNA doesn't do that. Its job is to help a species multiply -- again, a biblical concept substantiated by reality.

    Meanwhile, evolutionists say that everything came somehow from something with unknown origins that can't be identified. Without impetus, this unknown stuff evolved gradually into all things, by a mysterious process postulated to occur but never observed.

    A fairy tale is more believable than evolutionist theory.

  2. Dawkins is deplorable. The man knows what he is teaching is wrong, but he still keeps on doing it. I heard him say that he couldn't stand to live in a world that functions by evolutionary morals, but he still believes that evolution should be taught in schools while biblical teachings should be excluded. Somehow in his smarmy brain he's created a dichotomy between evolution as a philosophy and evolution as a theory.

    Got news for you: there's no difference. Evolution is a philosophy based on conjecture, conjecture in direct opposition to all that is good and right. Evolution cannot teach that only the strong should survive and expect this to be viewed as moral. Evolution is essentially IMMORAL at its core, and it doesn't get any better from there.