Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Money Hungry

Unbelievably, one of the arguments those in favor of abortion use against those who are pro-life is that Christians are saving the babies' lives just to make money. Yes, you heard me. Even though it's the abortion clinics who make money ending lives, Christians are accused of saving babies just so the babies can grow up to pay tithing.

Sure, it's absurd, but the whole argument in favor of abortion is absurd. This is just the latest excuse for abortion that I've seen. If you don't want to kill babies, you must be money hungry! Oh yes, you Christian churches are counting up your tithing in advance! Never mind that many Christian children don't end up as faithful tithe payers. It's a new way of calling Christians greedy!

The real reason Christians are against abortion, is, of course, that abortion is actually murder. As most people know, a baby has the same DNA as its parent. Therefore, a child in the womb is certainly human. Intentionally killing that baby is, therefore, murder. But abortionists teach people that a human embryo is just tissue, so it's not even sub-human -- never mind all the scientific evidence such as ultra-sounds that prove them wrong.

This idea of certain members of society being less than human and that killing them isn't murder is nothing new. Aborigines used to be hunted down and killed as trophies for sport by members of a society that subscribed to the theory of evolution. Today's society, also steeped in evolution, sees it as a "right" to terminate a baby because it is still in the womb. After all, since the baby is helpless and innocent, it can't be treated as if it's human, can it?

As for this idea that Christians want to raise up a new generation of tithe payers by saving babies from abortion -- give me a break! Even if it were true, at least the Christians are trying to prevent murder rather than cause it.


  1. Abortion is a product of evolutionary ideas. After all, if an embryo is in the womb, has it evolved into a living being yet? And if a person is supposedly inferior to or weaker than another, should he or she be protected?

    Survival of the fittest means only the selfish are fit to survive.

  2. I'm tired of hearing about a woman's "right" to murder her own baby. What I'd like to hear more about is her right to obey God rather than man. What kind of society do we live in, when murderers have rights and victims don't?

    Yes, that's right. Abortion is MURDER. Some women are unaware of this because they are told lies at the abortion clinic. One of my friends told me about the time she had an abortion. She said the abortion clinic refused to ever refer to the baby in her womb, but called it tissue and used other sanitized phraseology. But let someone tell a woman the truth -- that the baby is a living, breathing human being -- and that's considered offensive.

    Last time I checked, killing an innocent child is murder. Abortion is definitely murder, whether our society will admit it or not.