Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sandwich Scenario

If you see the glaring errors in evolution, you will be reamed out by illiterate people calling you uneducated. They will demand if you even know anything about evolution. They will insult you in bigoted, foul language and get unremittingly violent.

There's no point in telling them that you have a greater understanding of evolution than they do. Adherents of evolution claim it's a science, but a reasonable person can see it is actually a cult which practices censorship, coercion, and persecution to indoctrinate others, especially the younger generation.

Try to be sensible with an evolutionist and he will resort to cursing you out with less than polite epithets. If you point out that no one expects lunch to appear on the table by itself even when all the ingredients for a sandwich are in the refrigerator, and compare that to an entire planet generating itself from nothing, you will be scoffed at. Unable to follow the simile, an evolutionist will tell you that sandwiches and planets aren't the same. That's the whole point ... a sandwich can't make itself, even when all the ingredients are present. How can an entire planet form -- complete with a proper orbit, thriving animal and plant habitats, and a life-supporting atmosphere -- all on its own? Answer: It can't.

1 comment:

  1. Evolutionists are WRONG. They can't stand being challenged by logic, because they're adherents of a wild doctrine that states all living beings came from something unidentified -- possibly a gelatinous mass -- that randomly mutated chaotically into glorious, orderly manifestations of abundant life.

    Evolutionists won't admit reality, because reality doesn't work the way their convoluted theory does.

    So, if you're an evolutionist, what do you do to someone who points out that dogs have puppies, not kittens? You claim that the other person is uneducated and hurl epithets at him or her, since reality doesn't agree with you. Reality is on the side of creationists, not evolutionists.

    Evolutionists need to evolve to more intelligent thinking. Right now, they're just about a stupid as it gets. And I do mean that in the pejorative sense.