Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Greek Geeks

We all know that scientific types are often stereotyped as geeks. But did you know that evolutionists are actually geeks of a Greek variety? And as for being scientific ... they aren't.

Evolutionists, while claiming to be scientific, turn the law of entropy upside down and inside out. They ignore evidence, especially eyewitness evidence of former generations, so that they can foist old, inaccurate thought on us as if it were new.

So evolution isn't a new science, with incredibly accurate data? No. In fact, evolution was spawned in ancient heathen cultures. It resurfaced now and again, such as in Greece, where philosophers like Empedocles (493–435 BC) taught that chance was responsible for creation. These Greek-geek types taught that the fittest survived, and that the weak should give way to the strong.

Now, let's be practical here. How can you separate evolutionary philosophy from its destructive ramifications? You can't. What happened to societies of the past, such as that of Greece, which turned to such harsh and self-serving philosophies as evolution? Overcome by stronger nations, the Greeks soon became just another conquered people.

Case in point: Societies that join the cult of evolutionary thought eventually become extinct. It can happen to us, too.

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  1. Evolution is NOT a science. Just take a look at DNA. DNA's job is to copy existing information. If it does not copy the information EXACTLY, there is a problem, a mutation, that results. Mutations are bad for an organism. They are not, as evolutionists postulate, of tremendous benefit, giving superior strength and ability, or endowing desirable characteristics. By the way, mutations are occurring today -- always ruinous to life -- so there's no reason to pretend the evolutionists can be right about mutations being advantageous.

    For a fish to grow lungs that function on land, for example, new information would need to suddenly be added that simply does not exist in fish DNA. The chances of a mutation suddenly being able to produce a fully functional set of lungs so that the fish could crawl out on land without quickly expiring are so astronomically low that it takes a mathematical equation to the negative nth degree to express it. In other words, it's impossible.

    You often hear evolutionists claim that their theory is a fact, but it's not. DNA code replicates information. It does not create new information. That's the real FACTS for you.