Thursday, September 17, 2009

Education in America

I recently saw a video of Obama talking to kids about education. I have to say that there was nothing substantial in anything Obama said. A few empty "God bless Americas" at the end of his speech don't alter that. Obama promised to get textbooks and computers that the students need to learn from, but did he say anything about looking to God, the ultimate source of intelligence, for guidance? He talked about working hard, but did he talk about the source of our strength being the Rock of our salvation? He talked about how students should never quit, but did he tell us that Jesus never sleeps and never slumbers, but gives power to those who are faint? Moreover, Obama talked about students who "made" the country 75 years ago, but did he talk about the founding fathers of this Christian nation? Then Obama brought in the creators of "twitter" as if they were as important to the country as those who fought in World War II. I don't see it that way, do you?

Lastly, Obama urged students to "make us all proud." How are they going to do that -- by learning about evolution and practicing abortion? That's the kind of America today's Bible-less schools are building. Education America is never going to be on track until it is solidly based on what God taught us rather than what men have to say about things.

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  1. It's a sorry day when we have a President who claims we are not a Christian nation. I bet he'll be singing a different tune when America gets in a bad case and the nation admits that it needs the Lord, like it did after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Yes, when Obama's out on a limb and the only rope available is one from God, I bet he'll want America to be a Christian nation again. Only by then it may be TOO LATE.