Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You have to repent

It is often forgotten that telling people how to repent is actually more compassionate and caring than "tolerating" their sin. Today's world of luxury affords no greater sin than giving "offense." But remember, those who are not offended by the Lord are blessed, and those who ARE offended by the Lord are cursed. (Matt. 11:6) Hell may be an unpopular idea, but it's a reality. This nebulous notion that everyone eventually makes it to heaven without even bothering to change their attitude about obeying Christ is wrong. People have to repent of their wrongdoing -- no unclean thing is worthy of heaven.

In today's culture, many are willing to admit good should be rewarded, but they not only deny bad should be punished, but they deny bad exists. This is like saying we don't have a just God. The Bible clearly says that Jesus is not just merciful, but also just. (Isa. 45:21) Justice requires punishment for evil. Churches need to step away from the politically correct hogwash and teach what's in the Bible.

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  1. Oh no, we can't teach the BIBLE, for Pete's sake! That's the worst danger ever! Don't let people be contaminated by scripture! And whatever you do, keep God's commandments, which teach people to be good and kind and law-abiding out of the schools!

    To hear today's educators talk, you'd think the biggest threat to society today is letting the Bible into the classroom. They seem to forget that only about 50 years ago the Bible was a standard in school curriculum.

    Ever notice how each generation since the Bible became bad news gets more and more promiscuous, self-centered, and lazy? The threat today is not biblical teaching, which has made America strong until now, but INTELLECTUALISM, which has weakened the very fabric of society.