Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama prevaricates on abortion

When asked about his stance on abortion, Obama is often caught on film prevaricating. What does Obama mean, we could look at abortion with theological and scientific methods, and both are beyond him? Perhaps he really is that stupid and everything moral really IS beyond HIM. But it is not difficult to see that (1) God does not want us to murder babies and (2) our babies are scientifically classified as human while in the womb.

Obama claims to be aware of the "moral difficulty" entailed in abortion. If he knows this, why is he taking an immoral stance? He says he can argue with us if we believe that life begins at conception. That means he admits we're right, because genetically, babies have human DNA and they are certainly alive: they move, kick, and even make noises while in the womb. But he skates right past this issue, pretending we have common ground. What common ground can there be when it comes to saving babies rather than killing them?

Obama then claims we can work together to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by convincing people to adopt their babies out. What the heck is he talking about? The moral code that prevents pregnancy is chastity, not adoption. He's just trying to use a smoke and mirrors dance to keep people from asking him why a President of the United States is pro-abortion -- for terminating the lives of the next generation of Americans before they can be born.

I for one am tired of his masquerade. We need a President who is for preserving American lives, not for terminating them.

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