Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On True Science - Evolution and Creation

Think about science for a minute. What is observable? What has been tested? It is evident in nature that things have to be acted upon by someone in order to create order. Does a farm house sprout up by itself? Does the farm itself plant itself, water itself, and harvest itself? No, of course not. Neither can a planet create itself, maintain itself, and make order by accident. The hand of God is in everything and is readily observable and easily tested.

Here's a way to show the absurdity of evolution to a group of evolutionists. Wait until it's lunch time and they're really hungry. Now put a bunch of sandwich stuff in front of them and say, "Now, if you believe these sandwiches will make themselves into lunch by accident, then go ahead and test that theory until you have something on your plate. But if you want me to CREATE a sandwich for you, I will do so." I don't think many of them would stick to the theory of evolution when it came to filling their bellies, would they?

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