Friday, April 30, 2010

Teach real science - not assumptions

Evolutionism relies on assumptions to promote its godless ideas. It is is a belief system that assumes there is a materialistic explanation for everything. In today's public schools, evolutionism is taught as science, but in truth it is a philosophy. And it isn't a new one.

Ancient Greek philosophers such as Thales sought to explain existence by self-creation, postulating that all things evolved from water. Anaximenes thought that all things were but air, while Heraclitus said they were fire. Empedocles decided to explain the universe by saying it evolved by random combinations of elementary particles. All of these philosophies did not stem from science, but from religious thought, thought which sought to limit the power of Deity in the affairs of men and to eliminate accountability after death.

Evolutionism is the same kind of philosophy based on similar assumptions. It is not based on science — not on real, observable evidence — but on a desire to have a materialistic explanation of the universe that replaces God. Do away with God, and you eliminate the need for absolute morals. As for righteousness, you define that yourself. There is no standard but that men make for themselves.

Make no mistake. Evolutionism is being taught as a science so that the foundations of righteousness will be eroded, to be replaced by a view that man is material. And, if man is nothing but material, the "superior" men determine what will be done with the "weaker" or "inferior" ones. With no God to answer to, who steps into his shoes but the oppressor: men like Hitler and Stalin.

So does evolutionism belong in the classroom as a science? Absolutely not. It is a philosophy, and a very bad one, which belongs in the same class as socialism, communism, and secularism.


  1. Even though evidence of design is all around us, evolutionists say it is only an "appearance." This is a philosophical stance, not a scientific one. It stems from a desire to deny the Creator. Real science can be observed taking place currently. Evolutionism cannot be observed. Instead, what we see is each organism reproducing after its kind, exactly as the Bible describes. There is no reason to teach evolution in the classroom unless you want to refute the Bible and eliminate God.

  2. Science needs to be based on observable fact. Evolutionism is based on supposition that directly opposes observable fact. When have we ever observed organisms reproducing outside their kinds? When have we ever seen order result from random chaos? When has specific information happened by accident rather than design? To believe evolution, you have to reject every form of rational thought and reasoning.