Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beware: Garbage Breeds

The theory of abiogenesis — that nonliving matter can become living matter — has been widely discredited, yet it lives on, like garbage that's getting so old it stinks.

The primitive idea that life came from nonliving things has been around a long time. Aristotle believed that decaying material could become living by "spontaneous action of Nature." In other words, he believed that garbage could breed living creatures. This theory was popular until science finally caught up with the fact that life requires parents, or biogenesis.

What we have now is the Law of Biogenesis. As irrefutable as the Law of Gravity, the Law of Biogenesis states that life produces life. This is what we see happening in the world around us.

But there are more kinds of garbage out there than the kind you haul to the side of the curb. There's scientific garbage that's breeding ignorance daily: in the classroom, through the television, and by propaganda. I'm talking about the theory of abiogenesis, which is treated as if it is a fact.

Oh, I know. If you tell someone that you expect your tuna sandwich will spontaneously generate a pack of ants, they'd laugh. Most people know that to get an ant, you need an ant. But to get a planet full of living things, all you need is randomness and time. Presto! Nonliving material becomes living, like Frankenstein on steroids.

Current "scientific" theories for the origin and development of life exclude God. Therefore, they all depend on abiogenesis, which has never been observed, measured, or reproduced. Abiogenesis fails to meet the standards of the scientific method. If science were really interested in accuracy, abiogenesis would be discarded entirely.

But instead of throwing out abiogenesis, an idea that belongs in the dark ages, scientists are saying it still remains relevant today.

Garbage breeds garbage. This kind of dirty science generates nothing but ignorance. When are classrooms going to come out of the realm of science fiction and join the world of science? They won't as long as real, observable science is tossed in the trash in favor of unproved theories that can't even be tested.


  1. Why have to prove a theory when you can just claim it's a fact? Abiogenesis is part of the curriculum in schools, even though it cannot be observed. The same goes for the theory of evolution. Even though we never see species changing into other species, evolution is part of the natural sciences. Meanwhile, creation is called a myth.

    What's a myth is that life comes from nonliving matter. What's a myth is that life is randomly generated in all its forms through evolution.

    Fact is, the natural sciences are full of fiction.

  2. We need to get out of the dark ages and join the 21st Century. The law of biogenesis is an established scientific fact. Why are we still teaching superstitious nonsense about nonliving material spontaneously generating life? Only an ignorant fool would believe that.